Reflection Week #1

After last class’s reading assignment, I decided to go to and see how NextStepU’s website rated according to Hubspot. After entering in their URL they received a score of 85 out of 100, I was surprised it was this high. The grader analyzes 5 different categories: mobile, lead generation, SEO, social media, and blogging. NextStepU seems to be doing well in terms of having an accurate and useful website.

One thing to work on for NextStepU would be their mobile platform capabilities. The site mentions that they need a mobile CSS since 43% of all phones are smartphones and 87% of the phones are used to access the internet. This is very true in the case of NextStepU’s target audience of high school students.

Another item was part of the SEO category; they need to use page titles that do not include the company name. This could help them with organic searches and clicks, if they use commonly searched terms instead of just their company name, they are more likely to show up in these organic searches.

All other categories said they were complete. I was surprised to find that NextStepU has 486 inbound links (so third party sites that have a NextStepU link on their website). They also have 201 tweets to their homepage, this will have to be investigated further to see if NextStepU generated these themselves or if others are actually chatting about NextStepU.


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