Opinions… We all have them, but who really listens to them?

Shopping for that perfect new TV?

So you’re in the market for a new TV, and there is a long list of wants that come with the idea of getting the best for your money. Where do you start? Is there a budget that needs to be followed? Where do I get the best price? How do I know what I really want? These are all questions that we all may ask at one time or another. Not only about the next TV purchase that we may make but about a lot of different things.

Reviews who reads them?

Most things that can be purchased online now as for a review of the product. Do you trust these reviews? Are you able to see all of the reviews? Are they helpful? I personally don’t read or trust any of them. If I am going to purchase anything online I am more worried about the return policy, customer service, and if I get the correct product. The reviews are nice, but they are other people’s opinions! How do I know they even purchased the same product? Also people like to complain first, it seems like it’s much easier to post a nitpicky review, before posting a positive review.

Trusted Reviews

It’s very easy to post a review, and lots of people rely on these reviews in order to trust the product as well as the seller. With the ease of doing this people and companies were posting fake reviews. In 2014 Amazon changes the way it handled public reviews of the products it was selling. They took the steps of verifying purchased and noting that next to the review. They also added a step of emailing and inviting users back the leave a review after receiving and using the product.


Don’t always believe what you find online!

Trust your own opinion first! Then listen to what your mom and dad have to say.


One thought on “Opinions… We all have them, but who really listens to them?

  1. smithallison1

    I agree that you need to take product reviews with a grain of salt, but before making a purchase, especially on Amazon, I almost always read through the reviews. Even though some of them can be fake, I think after reading a bunch of them you can get an idea of if the product is worth purchasing or not. Personally, I like the fact that people post negative comments because I am more likely to believe what is being said when I know that positive reviews aren’t the only ones being posted. If I’m choosing between two very similar products, the customer reviews usually help me to decide. But, like I said, I know reviews aren’t always the most reliable sources so I always search other sites for product information as well before purchasing.



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