Isis – Week 1 Reflections

For me this week has been about further understanding the conversation prism and how it works. At first glance the prism was confusing and I wasn’t sure how some sites made the prism and what they had to do with helping me and or businesses take advantage of social media. My current understanding of the conversation (which is still under development) is that there are 4 tiers to the prism.

The first is “You” defining the role we want to play in social media and understanding the pillars of engagement – managing an area where we can gain or introduce value. Next Vision, purpose, value, commitment, and transparency are all the things we need to define in order to effectively move to the next tier which is the lines of business. These two tiers can be adjusted based on what your trying to achieve. Kind of like turning a knob to land on your specific area of focus for your given campaign. Once we define the You and what we want to accomplish and or communicate and identify our line of business then we can improve or chose strategic social media marketing strategies by listening, learning and adapting. Per Brian Solis “each of the concentric circles is designed to work together, to help  improve strategies and results to improve the way you work, how you build relationships with employees and customers, the ability to create and improve better products, services and experiences, and overall, the role you play and the stature you earn as a result.”

I’m still a little shaky on the understanding of the prism and I don’t think that I could properly explain how to use it to anyone else but further reading information on the conversation prism helped me to understand my blog topic and how the company I chose, Funny or Die, fits into the conversation of relevant social media marketing tools and how it can help businesses reach their target audiences and attain results.


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