All Comedy, All the time. How Funny or Die fits into the conversation


Immortality or a Cryptal death?

This is one site where the number of “likes” really matters, and the ruling of life or death for content lies in the hands of the viewers. Founded in 2007, Funny or Die (FOD) is a an award winning, video comedy website that hosts hundreds of viral celebrity and user generated videos.

How it works.

Celebrities, comedians, and regular users post videos they think are funny. The viewers vote whether they think the video is indeed funny or if it should die. The video gets scored based on the total percentage of viewers that voted. Videos with 80% + votes of funny stay on the site. After 1,000 views, videos with 20% + die ratings, die and are crypted (vaulted). Videos with views of 100,000 + gets an immortal funny ranking.

How can a comedy site help your business? 

TwoFerns (1)

Funny or Die connects with approximately 19 million viewers daily. With low marketing costs they use A-list talent partners to create the exposure and attract users to their site. One of the greatest examples that boasts about the power of the site’s reach is their partnership with the Obama administration in 2014 regarding Obamacare. Garnering more than 8million views within the first few hours of its posting. FOD’s comedic Obamacare videos showed how this site can help businesses grasp a relatively tough to reach audience and present results. In this case an increase of web traffic by 40%. This goes to show that humor can make a personal connection and FOD can be a great vehicle to bring separate conversations into one forum.

Why FOD matters.

FOD injects funny into a mainstream conversations. CEO Dick Glover of FOD said “content drives the deal” and FOD is a proven link between measurable success & smart content marketing.

-Isis Mounts


5 thoughts on “All Comedy, All the time. How Funny or Die fits into the conversation

  1. moureydeborah

    I thought your headline was solid at gaining attention as I was not sure what I was going to get; a real life and death situation is what I was looking for as we all seem to be attracted to that, however I was then pleased with the topic. I thought you used good visuals and subheads that described your content. I believe this concept is going to continue to grow in much more than just comedy, as this is truly a real time test market for any company to see if a product would be worth investing in, and for a fraction of the cost and time. What else could this be used for; business, politics, municipalities?


  2. imounts1 Post author

    They tried to expand the franchise into the culinary, sports, and video game worlds with the spin off such as Eat, Drink or Die, Shred or Die, and Pwn or Die. But when the market collapsed in 2008 they realized that their business model didn’t work for every genre and they chose to stay with comedy which has been their most successful venture. However the brand has grown in a tv and film production company and has had a sports documentary series on the discovery channel last year. I think this could be used for businesses and politics as already proven because they can reach millions of people per day while keeping marketing costs low which is beneficially for both sides. However businesses looking to use Funny or Die needs to truly look in to its audience and who their targeting to see if they FOD’s comedic style will resonate well with them.


  3. mattkoss14

    I thought your article was informed and detailed your company effectively. That said, I love these skits! Especially the “between two ferns”. I believe comedy is one of the most powerful and effective forms of communication available to us. These skits work because they are written in advance/scripted, smart, test our boundaries safety using comedy to soften any edges without needing to circumvent them, and takes a sometimes seriously big subject matter or “elephant in the room” of politics or public opinion and makes these concepts accessible and available to the general public where they can be discussed at greater lengths. Without “talking” there will never be much movement or progress in our world. Comedy sure helps people talk! Many of the best marketing pieces that stay with me the longest use comedy effectively. Like the Will Farrel “OId Milwaukee” skits.


  4. smithallison1

    I think your blog post was very well written and touches on an interesting topic of politicians using comedy to promote their ideas. On one hand, the President doing a Funny or Die skit can be seen as him not taking the issue he is talking about seriously. But, I think it is a great idea because we all know that it is hard for politicians to connect with the younger generations. Getting people under the age of 30 to vote has been an on-going challenge. By creating a Funny or Die video, the President is able to reach an entire demographic that would normally not stop to listen to what he has to say. Not only does this get his message heard by millions of people, but it makes him appear more relatable to the younger generations as well.


  5. lidabilokur

    It’s so odd how you can connect two elements which seem so polar opposite; Obama & FOD movies to generate business! It’s these kind of things that require a creative digital marketing mind.

    When I think of politics, or political campaign promotion, the last thing that comes to my mind is FOD or funniest home videos material. The contrast between the two is what makes the strategy so clever and gives reason for its great success. It is a perfect extension of the Obama campaign/business plan; capturing the younger audience. To do this, go for the most viral approach of this generation, and they did! I admire the simplistic brilliance.



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