What is your niche? Crazy cat lady, loyal dog owner…


If so, you need to check out dogster and catster!

What are dogster and catster?

These are sites for true dog and cat lovers. These people talk to their pets like they are people (sorry grandma), they also have more pictures of their pets in their cellphone than family or friends. These two nicheworking sites have everything you would need to know about cats or dogs. The sites include articles, galleries of pictures and a community forum to ask and answer questions to other dog or cat enthusiasts. Not into social network sites? You can also subscribe for a magazine, you will receive 6 a year!

What the heck is nicheworking anyways?

These social network sites are meant to bring people together that all have a common interest. So instead of your Facebook wall blowing up with posts you are not interested in, you can check out these types of social sites to interact with people with the same hobbies and interests.

What if I don’t want it to rain cats and dogs?

There are other nicheworking sites out there. They range from good books to read, good restaurants, and healthy lifestyles. Here are a few to check out: goodreads, Care2, and Foodspotting. So for anyone with an interest in something, you can find a niche social site that is just for you. This way you can discuss and share ideas with others that are interested.

So go out and find something new!

Check out some of these sites, challenge yourself to try something new. Find a book on one of the top lists on goodreads or try a new dish at a local restaurant that was recommended on Foodspotting. You don’t have to be a dog lover or a crazy cat lady to fit into an awesome niche.


4 thoughts on “What is your niche? Crazy cat lady, loyal dog owner…

  1. jillianlauritzson

    This is dangerous for me to learn about. I am crazy about my dog, and will definitely be checking out Dogster. Foodspotting also looks like a great site. Niche marketing hones in on passionate engaged audiences. It’s common knowledge that retaining a customer is more cost effective than going after new ones. This strategy allows you to cater to your loyal audiences, and continue to build enthusiasm about your product/service benefits.


  2. apodeszek

    I just checked out foodspotting and will definitely be using that! I’ve never heard of nicheworking before, I’ve used GoodReads but never realized that it was a part of nicheworking. I think it’s a great idea to link people with common interests and like you said, it helps reduce the facebook posts you don’t really care about. It also helps to give you the best and most accurate information about certain products/services. Thanks for sharing!


  3. lindsayw5 Post author

    I agree with both of your comments. I think it is great to have social networking sites that cater to specialized interests. I also had no idea what nicheworking was until I started researching it. I think it is a great idea and many companies could hop on board with this idea. I wonder if NextStepU could have some sort of nicheworking site with colleges and high school students could go there for information, since we all want NextStepU to sell the idea of being a one stop shop.


  4. moureydeborah

    This post spells out what most people value; their time. I like your examples as it provided insight into what nicheworking really is; highly targeting, relevant, and individualized information for me. As nicheworking can be effective creating deep relationships among vary targeted groups of people with very specific interests. Wouldn’t it be easy to market a group if everyone only had 1 interest and kept it throughout their life.



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