The Power of Prezi

Prezi vs. PowerPoint

I was first introduced to Prezi in a college class when a fellow classmate used it for a presentation. Most of us in the class had used PowerPoint. The Prezi was more engaging and personalized, however, I am not sure Prezi is a good tool in the business world.


Good Presenter to Great Presenter

Prezi touts that they can provide the tools to help you become a great presenter. Prezi offers a few more features that PowerPoint in that it contains motion and the custom templates show quickly how ideas relate to one another. There are interesting features that can be added to entertain the audience.

Cloud-BasedBusinessman works with Virtual Cloud Computer

Prezi is cloud-based which allows the user to present from anywhere, anytime. This is a great feature. The presentation can be shown and edited from many devices such as browser, desktop, iPad, iPhone, or android device.


Prezi has a fee for various levels of use. They do have reduced fees for students and teachers. There are three levels, Enjoy, Pro and Teams. The fees range from $10 per month to $13.25 per month for the Teams level. There is a 7 day free trial available and also a public account that is free. However, any Prezi created under these accounts are publically visible and would not be a good option for businesses.

Graphics vs. Traditional?

PowerPoint and Prezi have different pros and cons. Certainly knowing your audience would influence your decision on which presentation method to choose. Prezi ‘s specific advantages include visual impact, features, and movement. PowerPoint’s advantages include flexibility, fact presentation, and personalization. Images and videos can be included in both. Most people who use PowerPoint do not use all the features. In the end, both Prezi and PowerPoint have capabilities for presenting facts in a creative manner if you know how to use all the features.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Prezi

  1. imounts1

    For me, deciding to use powerpoint or prezi depends on what I’m presenting and the audience I’m presenting to. If I need to create a quick, simple, and professional presentation with a linear storyline I use powerpoint. But if I want to make a more creative or flashy presentation in which I can incorporate different graphics and effects to make keep the viewer engaged then I use prezi. At ADT I use prezi for a lot of presentations because I can embed them on our internal web pages since it’s flash based.


  2. ulaszewskimercedes

    I can defiantly agree with you that Prezi is not very good in a business setting. Recently at my work they tried to implement the program. Sadly, to many people understood powerpoint and we couldn’t transfer over our corporate template either. It was a frustrating process and now we are back on powerpoint.



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