If the social web and a magazine were to have a baby…

Flipboard is what it would look like.


What is Flipboard?

It’s content curation at its finest.  Think social app meets magazine app.  It collects popular content from news publications, blogs, and social networks and displays it in a magazine-like format.  The Flipboard app is available on smartphones, tablets, and in February 2015 it became accessible through the web.

How do I use Flipboard?

At first it can seem a bit overwhelming.  There is a lot of content at your fingertips with this app.  When you first sign in, you’re prompted to choose various topics that interest you.  This reminded me of Pinterest, which is another social curation site.  Just to clarify, curation is the act of organizing content.  Once you pick the topics you want to see (travel, art, exercise, technology, photography, marketing, etc.), you can start liking, sharing, or flipping articles.  When you “flip it” you are republishing to one of your own magazines (similar to pinning in the Pinterest app).  If you want more of an in-depth overview, Flipboard has tutorial videos included on their website.

What are other social curation sites?

Some of the more popular social curation platforms include Scoop. It!, Pocket, and Storify.   All three are great for those who struggle with FOMO (“fear of missing out”).  These apps, while all different in their own ways, essentially compile stories, videos, and images that interest you.  Curation is very personalized and helps make sense of the increasingly overwhelming social web.

Now go, and create your destiny!

Or rather flip, pin, scoop relevant articles that are compiled in an organized fashion for your every day or every hour consumption.  Never get bored again.  Need decorating ideas…Pinterest.  Want to read about “11 common fears people have at work”…Flipboard.  Social curation conveniently just “gets you.”

-Jillian Lauritzson


6 thoughts on “If the social web and a magazine were to have a baby…

  1. lindsayw5

    I think this looks like a great app and I will have to try it out. Would be helpful to businesses as well since they could find out specifics on audiences that are interested in certain topics. Would be a great way to help personalize your message to certain readers/users.


    1. jillianlauritzson Post author

      I agree, Lindsay. If you get a free minute, sign up and check it out. If you like Pinterest and reading magazines, then this app is for you!


  2. imounts1

    I actually started using flip board when I started this program. It was a preloaded app on my phone and I tried it out as another resource to find current event articles for Dr. Falco’s class. I love it. I don’t have to necessarily search for content. Everything that I’m interested in is right on my feed. Great Post.


  3. ulaszewskimercedes

    I’ve actually used it before when I was trying to find an app that would pull everything together and allow me to post to all my social media sites at once, like tweet deck, but including google+ and a few others.

    It is a really cool idea, but it is vastly overwhelming. I ended up removing it because I just had so much content all the time that I was always missing.


  4. apodeszek

    I just signed up for it, so goodbye free time! There are so many categories I can see why Mercedes says its overwhelming. Hopefully I’ll get used to it because it looks like a great site that might be able to help with the program with all the different branding, content creation and marketing categories. Thanks for sharing!


  5. jillianlauritzson Post author

    Mercedes–I was overwhelmed at first, but didn’t discard it because it’s an excellent resource for inspiration. Will I utilize it as much as Pinterest, probably not. But when I want to read quality content, I’ll probably head over to Flipboard. I think it’s a great app for those who travel a lot to stay on top of relevant stories that interest them.

    Amy–It does take some getting used to. Great resources to follow, and I can see the blogging category becoming very helpful during this module.



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