Invite everyone, everywhere, in an instant! With a penguin?

What does a penguin have to do with events?plancast

That cute little penguin is the logo for a company called Plancast; a business focused on events, whether that be allowing users to plan an event, select and event to attend, or share details, photos, and posts from the event. Fun Fact: The penguin logo was created to reflect how the users follow each other, just as penguins that follow each other everywhere!

How does this penguin relate to the “YOU”

Good question? Plancast focuses on the users needs, making it customizable to each person, whether that is the event planner or the attendee. They know their audience and do a great job with each aspect of the event process.

So does this penguin engage meaningfully?

Yes, Plancast meaningfully engages with its users. Plancasts vision is to help event organizers as well as stay in touch with attendees. The purpose of this social media device is to allow everything about the event to be in one place for each user. Plancast’s value to its user is the ability to have everything in one social media outlet for events. Plancast is very committed to their users. Making it easy for them to create, plan, and attend. Plancast is transparent doing exactly what they say, making events easy to plan and share.

Penguins’ business?

Plancast falls into the realm of sales, with a tidbit of communication. The objective of Plancast is for event planners to be able to organize and share events. Users can find, attend, and share event with friends. They’re in the business of selling events to their penguin followers.


Plancast is an adaptive listener to users and always morphing. With all different goodies (web extensions, apps, connections to other social outlets), they make it easy for users everywhere. Written by Mercedes


4 thoughts on “Invite everyone, everywhere, in an instant! With a penguin?

  1. jrsachs

    This leaves me wondering how and if this could be applied in other ways. For a business practice of event this makes since, but could it be used to host “online events.” As a employee of a company that is allowed to use social media as we see fit, how could that be used as a benefit for me?


    1. ulaszewskimercedes Post author

      I don’t see why it couldn’t be used as a tool for personal events. Like hosting your own seminar, or I’ll be here talking to people and broadcasting that out to your network and beyond.


  2. jillianlauritzson

    Do the event planners receive feedback on the attendees experience through the app? For instance, I wonder if there is a rating system. Good knowledge for event planners to see if their execution was successful or not. Also, once someone posts a picture at your event are you allowed to use it as publicity or is it protected in some way? BTW-love the background on their logo. Cute idea with the penguins!


    1. ulaszewskimercedes Post author

      Both of those good questions that I am not sure of. I know that you can post to the event, just as you would a facebook one, so provided feedback can show up that way. However, something like a survey I am not sure of that in the platform. Pictures are a different story, its like sharing a photo of an event on facebook you took. They are you property, though I would think it would be smart if the company had a clause that sharing would give them access to use the photos at will for other events. Just like Microsoft did with their age recognition thing, you could use that app, but then they owned you photo for whatever use they want to.



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