Pictures are indelible visual images…Tenalio

My career has been built around digital imaging from consumer digital cameras, digital health care, digital in military, and digital in commercial thermal and infrared imaging. With twenty years at Kodak, three years at Varian Medical and three years at Melles Griot, I have experienced firsthand the societal bleeding edge transition from analog to digital imaging.

In our daily personal and professional lives online web based picture and photo sharing sites are used to communicate memorable events for families and organizations.

Notably Ofoto was one of the forefront companies of the photo site sharing industry, later renamed to be Kodak Easyshare Gallery, that is gone.

If you visit the site  you will note that Kodak Gallery closed in July 2012 and Shutterfly is now providing photo services to former Kodak Gallery customers. Billions of Kodak Gallery photos have been migrated to

There are 31 reputable sites today and visiting    you will see the Top 10. In order they are Phanfare, Smugmug, Instagram, Shutterfly, Flickr, Photobucket, 500px, Picasa, Zenfolio and Snapfish. They are ranked on ease of use, features, free storage and tiered pricing packages.

Three of these stand out to me.

Instagram is widely used by younger people sharing photos and short videos from their mobile App.

500px is used by Professional and Advanced Photographers to share and sell their works.

Picasa is owned by Google and operates within the Google+ and Google application environment.

All sites are part of the active culture of immediate sharing within digital circles and communities. Technically each operates in any computer and mobile operating system. The ability to protect memories has been a key area of focus for those of us in the digital world. These sites enable upload, storage, backup, edit and sharing from anywhere, anytime.smiley thumbs up


2 thoughts on “Pictures are indelible visual images…Tenalio

  1. jillianlauritzson

    I can really hear your voice in this post, Mike. My only suggestion would be to add some bolded headers or bullet points to draw our eyes to your main points. Out of the sites listed above, which do you think is best for businesses like NextStepU to use? I manage our department’s Facebook page, and see that our followers engage more with photos than anything else so this is definitely of interest to me.


  2. codyblackley

    Your experience in the industry certainly gives an added level of expertise in digital imaging. I am sure this field will continue to grow, thanks for sharing.



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